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Buying a Kunekune

Where possible, buy registered stock from a respected breeder. Kunekunes vary in size, shape and colouring, so there is always a matter of personal preference as to what looks a desirable pig. The main things to look for are a short snout, tassels present, sound legs and feet, and good temperament.

Where possible, buy two together so that they are company for each other. When taking a new pig or piglet home, put them in a secure pen or small paddock for the first few days until they recognise you as the food source. Once they have settled down and are not under stress, it is OK to let them out but be aware that they will explore the opportunities for escape!

Local Authorities

Many Local Authorities have very strict by-laws and regulations in place regarding the keeping of pigs, particularly in some areas of the country. If you are not familiar with your local restrictions, it might pay to check! Some areas do not allow pigs at all, some have restrictions on the number of pigs you can keep, and some have restrictions on the type of housing used.

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