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About the Association

The New Zealand Kunekune Association was incorporated in 1988. It is a non-profit making organisation for people interested in breeding and owning Kunekune pigs.

The original purpose of the Association was to save the Kunekune pig from extinction. In the late 1970’s it was thought that the breed had almost disappeared from existance, however the dedication and commitment of people such as John Simister and Michael Willis of Christchurch has ensured that the breed is alive and forever growing in popularity. \

From a pure-bred group of just 9 pigs in 1978 (6 sows and 3 boars) the Kunekune pigs number in the thousands and can now be found in a number of countries around the world. AGM June 2017 The Association holds it’s AGM annually around New Zealand in the wintertime, providing members with a venue to get together and talk about their unique & wonderful pigs.