Registering Kunekunes

Registering Kunekunes 

One of the aims of The New Zealand Kunekune Association is to promote the registration of purebred Kunekunes.

Owners or breeders applying for registration of their Kunekune must be members of the New Zealand Kunekune Association Inc.

Kunekunes are usually registered by their breeder, and retain the prefix of their breeder throughout their life. Breeders must register a Prefix (stud name) with the Association and pay the Prefix fee prior to registering animals they have bred. When naming pigs the usual format is the Prefix followed by the pig’s name e.g. ‘PINKIE Piggie’ where ‘PINKIE’ is the registered Prefix and ‘Piggie’ is the pigs name.

Owners of a purebred Kunekune, whose sire and dam are not registered Kunekunes, can apply for registration of a pig if the pig is inspected by a Committee member of the NZ Kunekune Breeders Association. The name of the pig is recorded with the breeders name in brackets, where known, to help identify the pig e.g. ‘(Smith’s) Piggie’ where ‘Smith’ was the original breeder of the pig, or just ‘Piggie’ if the original breeder is not known.

When a boar and sow are owned by different owners, the owner of the sow is regarded as the breeder of the offspring.

In many cases breeders only register piglets once they are sold or are selected for breeding. Pigs may be registered at any age.

Registered Kunekunes must wear their ear tag to be considered registered. For show purposes, Kunekunes over 3 months of age must wear their ear tag. The tag is placed in the pigs right ear (with the number at the back of the ear) using an Allflex applicator.

Once a pig is registered, if it changes ownership the Registration Certificate, Transfer of Ownership Certificate, and transfer fee should be sent to the Registrar for recording.