There have been changes to the requirements for Animal Status Declarations (ASD’s).

At one time Animal Status Declarations for pigs were only required when pigs were sent to a slaughter premises or sold through a saleyard. The ASD’s for pigs are different to the ASD’s for other livestock (which also recently changed).

The requirements from 1st March 2006 is that all pigs sold require a pig Animal Status Declaration. Note that this would also technically include pigs that are given away as well.

While it may seem a bit over the top for situations where pigs are not being sold for meat, unfortunately it is now the law. This means that every time you sell a pig or piglet, you are obliged by legislation to provide completed documentation as to the history of the animal, particularly any treatment with animal remedies.

Copies of the new pig ASD can be printed from the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) website:

Photocopies can also be obtained through most livestock agents, saleyards, or can be requested from the Kunekune Breeders Association Secretary.